Smooth Pubic Area, Hairy Backside?

If you've been shaving your pubes or going for a tight trim down below, you might want to start paying a little attention to the other side.  Butt waxing is a rapidly growing trend that isn't much talked about but that people who do it seem to find amazingly seductive.  Many will argue that you just … [Read More...]


Some Warnings About Shaving Your Pubic Area

 Shaving your pubic area, or at least opting for a close trim, has become much more common than not, especially for women but also for a significant percentage of men.   It's not an unusual practice for anyone of any age but it is especially common among younger women as revealed in recent study … [Read More...]

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Shaving Your Pubic Area – Cavemen to Spacemen

If you thought shaving down below is just a recent, passing fad you would be way off base.   Hand hewn flint blades have been discovered that date back tens of thousands of years ago.  We don't know if our cave dwelling ancestors were smoothing the pubes back in the day, but they were shaving … [Read More...]


Ditch the razor….Go High-Tech!

High-Tech Hair Removal Razors and trimmers work great but there there some high-tech methods of "shaving" your pubic area that offer advantages over traditional methods.  The most well established and proven method is light-based hair removal. One major advantage of this modern method of removing … [Read More...]